PulStar Perfect Impulse

Company: Sense Technology Inc.

Address: 1052 Corporate Lane

Phone: 800-628-9416

Web site: http://www.pulstar.us

Description: PulStar Perfect Impulse from Sense Technology Inc. is designed to give you all of the adjusting benefits of the bigger, more expensive PulStar G3 system at a fraction of the price. This includes the point function for soft tissue work, as well as the original Osseous technology with a more compact display to make things super portable. There is even a new Myofascial mode to work with extremities and muscles.


  • Compact and portable
  • Versatile adjust modes
  • Easy to understand analysis
  • No key codes
  • Show the patient before and after the adjustment
  • See the adjustment in real time


Sold By: Sense Technology
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