Company: IMPAC Inc.

Address: PO Box 535 Salem, Oregon 97308

Phone: 800-569-8624

Web site:

Description: Pro-ArthroStim from IMPAC Inc. is an instrument adjustor said to be used in thousands of private clinics worldwide. It is an integral component of many somatic techniques. The Pro-ArthroStim is designed to produce a rapid succession of high velocity, controlled-force thrusts. It features a full-cushion handle and an advanced comfort-trigger feature, making it extremely comfortable to use while protecting against forces being transferred to your hands. The ArthroStim also comes with an enhanced electronic package designed to enable you to customize it with select features that best match the needs of your technique.


  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 4-year warranty
  • 30-year company
  • More than 20 technique instructors teach with the pro-ArthroStim
  • In-motion adjusting
  • Full-cushion grip comfort trigger


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