Posture Perfector

Company: The Vitality Depot

Address: 1948 Franklin Rd, Roanoke, VA

Phone: 866-941-8867

Web site:

Description: Posture Perfector from The Vitality Depot is designed to strengthen, lengthen, and stabilize the upper spine. Poor posture from excessive time spent watching TV, sitting at a computer, and driving can create tight chest and front shoulder muscles and weak upper back muscles. Posture Perfector can help correct the muscle imbalances by strengthening the back muscles, stretching the chest muscles, and stabilizing the posture neuromechanically.


  • Posture correction enhances shoulder and neck ranges of motion
  • Strengthen: Use recommended exercises daily to build weak muscles
  • Lengthen: Stretch tight muscles daily toward better posture
  • Stabilize: Wear PosturePerfector daily and see instant results
  • Available in S, M, L, XL sizes
Sold By: The Vitality Depot
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