Pedigenix Foot Care System

Company: Performance Health

Address: 1245 Home Avenue

Phone: 800-321-2135

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Description: The Pedigenix Foot Care System from Performance Health is a comprehensive regimen designed to target and correct specific foot concerns, while complementing your in-clinic care. From the makers of Biofreeze, these four products aim to cleanse, exfoliate, soften, and deodorize feet, establishing and reinforcing a proactive regimen for preventive foot care. Pedigenix is diabetic-friendly and delivers solutions to help address hyperkeratotic tissue, calluses and bromhidrosis. Each product contains natural extracts of cucumber and menthol to refresh feet. Other key ingredients such as triple-action alpha hydroxy acids, urea, and shea butter help moisturize and improve skin condition while zinc ricinoleate and pentylene glycol help deodorize.


  • Pedigenix Daily Foot Cleanser provides the first step in achieving clean and refreshed feet
  • Pedigenix Daily Foot Moisturizer helps keep feet soft and refreshed
  • Pedigenix Exfoliating Crème helps improves the appearance of callused and cracked feet
  • Pedigenix Deodorizing Liquid Powder starts as a lotion and transforms
  • Pedigenix is diabetic-friendly and delivers solutions to address hyperkeratotic tissue, calluses
  • Pedigenix products can be dispensed right from your office


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