Peach Scented Real Time Pain Relief Cream

Company: The Vitality Depot

Address: 1948 Franklin Rd

Phone: 866-941-8867

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Description: Peach Scented Real Time Pain Relief Cream from The Vitality Depot contains the time-tested, all-natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients of arnica montana, emu oil, MSM, capsicum, glucosamine, chondroitin, aloe vera, willow bark, and menthol in a non-menthol peach scent. Real Time Pain Relief Cream is quickly absorbed and can actually be applied prior to kinesiology taping.


  • Stimulates skin’s cold receptors
  • Time tested ingredients to relieve bruising, swelling, pain from injury, arthritis and muscle strain
  • The ingredients in this cream help soothe muscles, relieve soreness, stimulate circulation
  • The ingredients help enhance blood flow, support joint cartilage repair, and help heal wounds
  • Available in 4oz and 16oz sizes


Sold By: The Vitality Depot
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