PatientPay Paperless

PatientPay Paperless helps patients, practices and hospitals achieve financial success.

PatientPay Paperless yields greater operational and financial efficiency for healthcare providers, while giving patients a simple way to manage all of their healthcare-related financial obligations. The billing, payment, and reporting services are HIPAA and PCI Level 1 compliant and eliminate time-intensive, error-prone, manual back-end efforts to process paper bills or manage a traditional portal.

PatientPay Paperless is the only solution that matches patients€™ EOB with provider charges. Providers who use PatientPay can expect up to $4 in savings per payment and get paid in less than 14 days on average.

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Paperless Billing| Auto-posting| Performance Based Fees| HIPAA and PCI Level 1 Compliant| Same payment process as insurance| Statements match patient EOB