Patient Education Tools

Company: Life University & The New Renaissance

Address: 1269 Barclay Circle, Marrietta, GA 30060

Phone: 800-525-3879

Web site:

Description: Life University and The New Renaissance have teamed up to bring you a series of new patient education tools that may empower your practice with the framework for better educated, life-long patient-doctor relationships. Help your patients navigate the choices between a system of conditioned-based care and a lifetime of wellness-care with this educational program. The system of forms, videos, posters, and resource articles will provide the tools you need to help patients make well-informed decisions. English and Spanish versions are included.


  • Four streamable patient video presentations
  • Three vertegral subluxation complex posters
  • Resource articles and forms
  • Implementation Manual
  • Admission to MIV seminar
  • Access to the digital dashboard
  • Sold By: Life University & The New Renaissance
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