Orthotic, Heat Molded

Company: Atlas Biomechanics

Address: 1314 Kensington Dr

Phone: 331-442-7545

Web site: http://www.atlasbiomechanics.com

Description: Orthotic, Heat Molded from Atlas Biomechanics are heat-molded thermoplastic orthotics, which allow you to fabricate an L3030 orthotic directly from the patient’s foot in about 10 minutes all by using a heat gun. They are 1.3 mm thin and fit in most shoes, including heels. They feature 4-degree varus rear foot post. You also have the option to private label the device with your practice’s name and phone number.


  • Heat molded thermoplastic
  • Thin, 1.3mm
  • Fits in most shoes
  • HCPCS L3030 billable
  • Ten minutes to fabricate
  • Can private label


Sold By: Atlas Biomechanics
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