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Oregacillin is the strongest of all the wild spice oil formulas available. Each capsule contains desiccated pure spice oils. This synergistic blend provides extra power above oregano oil itself. With desiccated oils of wild oregano, wild sage, remote-source cumin, and cinnamon, this is the perfect combination of spices to provide maximum power where needed. The oregano and sage grow wild in the mountains of the Mediterranean, far from pollution so common elsewhere in the world. Furthermore, they are free of chemicals, pesticides and are non-irradiated. Since these plants grow at high altitudes, the sun produces substantial amounts of electrically charged ions, which further increases the potency. The cumin also grows in mineral-rich soil, and the cinnamon comes from the tropics.

Low-temperature desiccation is key to the manufacture of Oregacillin capsules. This state-of-the-art drying technique concentrates the oils so much, that one capsule is the equivalent of fifty drops of oregano oil!

Advantages of Physician’s Strength Oregacillin:

The benefits of oregano oil are well established. To optimize those benefits, Oregacillin uses only the P73 blend of oregano – the highest quality blend known to man. Although oregano P73 is already a powerhouse, we further enhance it with cumin, sage, and cinnamon oil powders. The potent antioxidant properties of wild sage, cumin and cinnamon are legendary, and blended with the oregano P73, it creates an incomparable supplement.

Oregacillin provides support for a healthy:

  • Respiratory response*
  • Inflammation response*
  • Lymphatic system*
  • Immune response*
  • Allergy response*
  • Digestive system*

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