LSI Silver Tab Repositionable Electrode

Company: LSI International

Address: 640 Miami Avenue Kansas City, KS 66105

Phone: 800-832-0053

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Description: LSI Silver Tab Repositionable Electrode distributed by LSI International is marketed as easier to use and long lasting. It features a lift tab designed for easy removal, which helps prevent accidental pulling on the lead wire, helping to extend the life of the electrode. It incorporates a silver ink/carbon film conductive layer, which helps provide greater efficacy and patient comfort. This product is also marketed as having high quality hydrogel with excellent adhesion performance, which helps make it long-lasting. It’s said to fit most leads with its soft-molded, high-strength connection socket designed to easily expand to allow over-sized mating pins. The LSI Silver Tab Repositionable Electrode is made to be convenient with its double-sided line designed to allow electrodes to be returned to either side of the liner in between uses.


  • Item # MO2204 is 2 inches by 2 inches
  • Item # MO2404 is 2 inches by 4 inches
  • Both sizes of electrodes come as four per pack

Sold By: Lsi International
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