Liquid Calcium Magnesium (Vanilla)

Company: Integrative Therapeutics

Address: 825 Challenger Drive, Green Bay, WI, 54311

Phone: 920-469-1313

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Description: Liquid Calcium Magnesium (Vanilla) from Integrative Therapeutics is designed to offer maximum flexibility for individualized mineral balance and dose titration in a convenient, easy-to-use delivery system. Liquid Calcium Magnesium features a highly concentrated, bioavailable form of calcium plus magnesium and also includes vitamin D and boron.


  • Blended in a well-tolerated, dairy-free, vegetarian liquid to help support proper bone health
  • Supplementation can help fill the nutritional gaps often seen in the average diet
  • 1:1 Calcium/Magnesium ratio
  • Support healthy blood circulation, nerve impulse transmission, muscle contractions
  • Absorbable liquid calcium


Sold By: Integrative Therapeutics
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