LightForce FX Deep Tissue Therapy Laser

Company: LightForce Therapy Lasers

Address: 250 Corporate Blvd Suite B Newark, DE 19702

Phone: 302-709-0408

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Description: The 15-Watt LightForce FX Deep Tissue Therapy Laser can help you accomplish clinical goals faster. With built-in protocols, full manual operation mode, and perfect protocol dosing solutions, determining the most therapeutic dosage for individual patients and conditions has never been easier. Feel the difference with the LightForce FX Deep Tissue Therapy Laser.


€¢    Perfect Protocol with Influence Technology
€¢    Functional Portability with Long-Life Battery Operation
€¢    High Definition Touch Screen Interface
€¢    Instant Replay Your Favorite Protocols
€¢    Flexible Architecture for Future Upgrades
€¢    Empower Delivery System


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