LGUT leaky Gut Mastery

Company: Systemic Formulas Corporation

Address: 1877 W 2800 S, Ogden, UT 84401

Phone: 800-445-4647

Web site: http://www.systemicformulasmedia.com

Description: LGUT leaky Gut Mastery from Systemic Formulas Corporation is formulated as a first line of defense against intestinal permeability. It aims to provide specific botanical and nutritional ingredients shown to decrease intestinal permeability. Gastrointestinal permeability (leaky gut) severely impacts our immune function and inflammation.


  • Proven support for leaky gut repair
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Nutrition to maintain tight-junction tenacity
  • Supports immunity
  • First line support for all auto-immune and chronic-degenerative concerns
  • Nutrients and botanicals to strengthen, soothe, and support at the cellular level
Sold By: Systemic Formulas Corporation
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