LECTRA+4 Combination IF/NMES Stimulator

Company: MEDI-STIM, INC.

Address: 217 Industrial Court, Wabasha, MN 55981

Phone: 800-363-7846

Web site: http://www.medi-stim.com

Description: The LECTRA 4 IF/NMES Stimulator by Medi-Stim Inc. combination unit is a low cost alternative to purchasing multiple units and is easy enough for a patient to use at home and durable enough for clinical use. The product features 23 pre-programmed treatment protocols, patient compliance monitor, individual channel intensity controls, maximum amplitude limiter, and a rechargeable battery system.


  • 4 Channel Sequential Stimulation
  • Individual channel intensity controls
  • 3 Different language options: English, Spanish and French


Sold By: Medi-Stim
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