Instant Dissolve MiniLingual Vitamins

Company: CVC Labs

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone:  800-472-4221

Instant Dissolve MiniLingual Vitamins

Problem Solved…

Did you know that 38% of consumers surveyed prefer

not to swallow large pills? That’s why CVC Labs utilizes

MiniLingual® technology to miniaturize tablets to

quickly dissolve under the tongue, making the active

ingredients available for immediate absorption.*


When “NO” Is Good For Your Patients!

Our “clean” instant dissolve MiniLingual® tablets conform to

stringent GMP standards and contain NO preservatives,

GMOs, dyes, artificial sweeteners, excess binders or

fillers — and have ONLY the active ingredients plus 2 or 3

other natural ingredients.


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About CVC – Trusted for 50 Years!

Operating from a 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art GMP certified manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, Continental Vitamin Company, our parent company, is the originator and creator of soft-molded tablet technology for supplements. A member of the Natural Products Association since 1997, CVC has delivered products that have earned the trust of the natural product industry since 1969.

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