Ibunex 8 oz. bottle

Company: Core Products International Inc.

Address: 808 Prospect Ave, Osceola, WI 54020

Phone: 800-365-3047

Web site: http://www.coreproducts.com

Description: Ibunex and Gluconex from Core Products International Inc. are topical creams designed to relieve muscle and joint aches. Both products can be used simultaneously and are formulated to carry key ingredients into the targeted tissue, bypassing the digestive system. Ibunex main ingredient is ibuprofen, while Gluconex main ingredient is glucosamine.


  • Unique combination of ingredients (Ibuprofen, Glucosamine, Chondroiten, Bromelain and MSM)
  • Topical delivery via Emu Oil, Lanolin cream with Liposomal Dermal Delivery Matrix
  • Eliminates the negative side effects associated with oral medicines.
  • Liposomes carry ingredients to the area of concern where they are released and become bio-available.
  • Only trace amounts become pass to the plasma and become systemic.
  • Topical application allows for significant reduction ingredients doses.
  • Sold By: Core Products International
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