Company Name: Parker Laboratories

Company Phone Number: 800-631-8888

Company email: helix@helix4pain.com

Company Website: helix4pain.com

Helix™ Professional Pain Relief is a unique topical analgesic that delivers an optimal formulation of menthol (7.4%) and botanicals including arnica montana flower extract, ilex, aloe and tangerine oil in a cream for targeted, temporary relief from discomfort associated with sore muscles, joint pain, arthritis and backache.  Helix products are sold into professional channels only for in-practice use and resale to patients at point-of-service.

Topical analgesics offer extremely low rates of adverse events and their use, along with hands-on therapy to treat pain is trending upward. Helix can help provide the temporary relief patients need so they can get back to living their lives.

Helix Professional Pain Relief is available through medical supply distributors.

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