Halo Trainer

Company: Halo Fitness and Trainer LLC

Address: 700 Perry Rd., Plainfield, IN

Phone: 855-238-4256

Web site: http://www.HaloTrainer.com

Description: The Halo Trainer was invented nearly 3 years ago by Bryce Taylor, a practicing physical therapist in Indianapolis. In the process of creating new and innovative lumbar and shoulder stabilization exercises with the stability ball and BOSU, he realized that these elastic surfaces were difficult to control and were not ergonomic. Out of this realization, the Halo Trainer was born. This friction-fitting ergonomic handlebar apparatus allows the therapist to control the level of stability while using a stability ball. Hundreds of exercises have been classified into levels of difficulty to make it easy for the clinician and the patient. In fact, we have found the Halo Training System to be very effective as a home program option to extend the patient’s treatment during or following discharge from rehab.


  • Controlled instability dampens exercise intimidation
  • Versatile improvements on already popular equipment
  • Levels of difficulty defined for early neuromotor control to competitive athlete
  • Provides opportunity for active aging programming
  • ntegrate corrective exercise into fitness for a comprehensive approach
  • Provides opportunity for active aging programming
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