Company: GoMotive

Address: 1501 4th Ave, #550

Phone: 206-462-6379

Web site: http://www.gomotive.com

Description: GoMotive links chiropractors with trainers and coaches to share best practices that reduce injuries and speed recovery. GoMotive offers a simple way to stay connected to every client, and gives clients a mobile health and fitness solution to track their progress in meeting personal, training, or rehab goals. Create your own or use 6,000 plus rehab exercise videos and evidence-based protocols to build an Rx, set goals, and measure outcomes through time.


  • Free mobile app so clients can view chiropractic services
  • Integrated rehab and training protocols
  • Outcomes-based system to track compliance
  • Evidence-based Video Protocols from national rehab experts
  • Client retention and referral systems
  • Create clinic or patient specific video workouts


Sold By: Gomotive
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