Gelliflex Abacus

The Gelliflex Abacus is a gel-ball trigger point and self-massage device targeted for those who seek relief from hand, finger, thumb, elbow, arm aches and pains caused by overuse or repetitive activity.  The Abacus incorporates interchangeable soft, non-latex elastomer gel-balls (Gelliprene) of different firmnesses, allowing the user to customize and utilize in a wide variety of locations and positions creating literally thousands of restorative combinations.

Our patent pending design is the only product that combines the features of squeeze ball techniques, rolling action and compression with almost infinite combinations. These features allow the user to either focus on a particular part of the hand or arm, or to move fluidly from one motion to the next – much like a therapist would provide.

With thousands of restorative combinations the Abacus is extremely versatile. The Abacus has two main parts: the sturdy, wear resistant frame and the innovative Gelliprene balls. The frame is shaped like an H and has a series of built in slots that easily open and close to accommodate the ball assemblies. The ball assembly is a solid steel axle holding one or two balls depending on desired configurations. The beauty of this assembly is that the axle and the hub inside the ball work together allowing the ball to roll easily and without support of another structure like a wall or floor. Made of our proprietary rubbery material called Gelliprene the Abacus balls are designed specifically for a better tactile and therapeutic feel. The device comes with four balls total, in three different firmnesses: soft, medium and hard.

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