EZBIS Billing

Company: EZBIS, Inc.

Address: 125 Rue Beauregard, Lafayette, LA 70508

Phone: (800) 445-7816

Web site: https://www.ezbis.com

Description: EZBIS Billing is a chiropractic billing software system that provides everything needed for billing, but also provides advanced practice management tools for chiropractic office management. It also includes the Collection Desk module to add auto-posting of insurance payments and advanced open-item accounting. The modular design of EZBIS software allows for ultimate flexibility. You can start with EZBIS Billing for billing and patient accounting and later add other EZBIS modules for electronic health records, appointment scheduling and more. EZBIS Basic is a combination of the Filing, Billing Collection Desk and Reports modules, which provides everything needed for patient accounting, insurance and patient billing and all capabilities necessary to handle cash practices, personal injury and workers compensation. See more here: https://www.ezbis.com/products/

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