EXSTORE Assessment System BOOK/DVD set

Company: Dr. Lombardi Workshops

Address: 1600 Rymal Rd E

Phone: 905-692-4222

Web site: http://www.exstore.ca

Description: The EXSTORE Assessment System from Dr. Lombardi Workshops is a Book/DVD set. It is a musculoskeletal assessment system that allows clinicians to functionally assess an injury in under two minutes without having to rely on conventional orthopedic testing or expensive diagnostic tests. It is based on pre-existing research from academic journals. The instructional DVD allows readers to follow along with the book. Purchasers of EXSTORE have continual clinical support from Lombardi and his staff.


  • Two to three minute assessment system
  • Helps bring more patient referrals
  • Helps provide better clinical results
  • Helps you become more efficient in practice


Sold By: Dr Lombardi Workshops
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