epsom-it Body Rub & epsom-it Foot Lotion

Company: epsom-it Inc.

Address: 5805 S Oakley Ave Chicago, IL 60636-1524

Phone: 773-476-7165

Web site: http://epsom-it.com

Description: Epsom-it Lotions are formulated to provide the benefits of Epsom salt without the hassle of a hot water bath. These natural, pain-relieving creams are designed to relieve pain, aches, and stiffness associated with arthritis pain, sore backs, neck pain, muscle soreness, muscle cramps, and more. It’s created with special blends of plant extracts, and enriched with Epsom salt.


  • Unique Epsom Salt in Lotion Delivery
  • Effective
  • Convienient
  • Safe, non-irritating
  • No medicinal odor
  • Greaseless
  • Sold By: Epsom-It
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