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Company: Cryoserver

Address: 107-111 Fleet Street London

Phone: 44 (0) 800 280 0525

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Description: Email Archiving Software from Cryoserver is marketed as a leading forensic email archiving and email compliance solution. It includes all attachments, instant messaging and other electronic records. Cryoserver is a sealed appliance designed to provid a complete, audited repository of emails sent to, from, and around an organization. It’s suitable for legal and regulatory compliance and for providing email archive data in court with high evidential weight. Cryoserver is often likened to a black box flight recorder for electronic communications combined with Internet search engine-like performance for email forensic investigations.


  • High levels of information assurance
  • An encrypted ‘forensic grade’ email compliance archive
  • High performance eDiscovery searching
  • Prove your organization did or did not send or receive a given email internally or externally
  • Ensure compliance to 100’s of regulations affecting email services
  • forensic grade analysis on emails and attachment content for legal submission
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