DNA Vibe Intelligent Light Therapy

Do you want to feel better and do more of what you love?

Find out why hundreds of Professional and Olympic athletes, thousands of clinical partners, and tens-of-thousands of happier customers just like you trust DNA Vibe to reduce stiffness, inflammation, and pain while accelerating and improving recovery.

There’s simply nothing else like DNA Vibe. Our science-based patent-pending technology is light-years ahead of conventional light therapy. Here are just some of the unique features: multiple-modes (red, infrared, magnetic and micro-vibration) working in harmony for maximum relief and recovery; precision-tuned wavelength stabilization for greatest effect; proportionate diffusion for safer and more even distribution of light; silicone construction for ideal propagation of micro-vibrations; flexible flush-fitting silicone form optimized for every part of your body and for enhanced results at lowest and safest possible output intensity.

Other conventional light products simply don’ t compare. Not even close. Don’t settle for anything less. When it comes to feeling your best, you deserve the best. With DNA Vibe’s Good Vibes Guarantee, there’s nothing to lose but your aches and pains.


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