Detensor Spinal Traction Therapeutic Mat

Company Name: Avazo Co

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Company Phone Number: 215-443-5265

The Detensor Therapy Systems are fabricated with water-processed, open-cell polyurethane cold foam that possesses  high elasticity and ventilation features. Detensor spinal traction therapeutic mat has a rib structure that is made of a special foamed polyurethane foam. The patient€™s body provides pressure on the elastic ribs edges and converts gravity into a gentle, active horizontal tensile strength about 18% of person weight.

The Detensor products are used daily in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and private households. The Detensor spinal traction mats are also used for anti-gravitation-therapy in space flight centers in Houston and Baikonur, Russia.

Sold By: Avazo Co.


Over 3,000,000 patients successfully treated, no any negative side effects| Detensor system provides traction of the spine gentlest way| Detensor method was tested in many European health clinics, confirming the results are available.| Detensor mat has a compact packing bag and weighs 8 pounds, allowing it to be easily transported.| Detensor mat made of polyurethane foam with a very low distortion factor that allows you to save the functional properties for up to 20 years.| Detensor reduces recovery time for the treatment of back pain in 2-3.5 times compare to traditional methods.