Delta Pulse

Company: Magnus Magnetica, L.L.C.

Address: 2222 Bancroft Ave

Phone: 323-660-5411

Web site:

Description: The Delta Pulse from Magnus Magnetica, L.L.C. is designed to generate a high-powered PEMF, which is intended to penetrate and radiate through the entire area that the magnetic coil is placed, generating vaso-dilation within two minutes.


  • Variable High Powered Pulsed Electro-Magnteic Therapy
  • Designed to generate a PEMF from 100 Gauss to 2000 Gauss
  • Features 3 Highly Adaptable Coil Systems and a variety of enclosures
  • Includes carrying case and portable treatment chair
  • FDA Approval by early 2010


Sold By: Magnus Magnetica
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