Core 6 Essentials

Company: Whole-istic Solutions

Address: 6210 N. Beltline Road, Suite 155, Irving TX 75063

Phone: 866-814-7673

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Description: Core 6 Essentials from Whole-istic Solutions is formulated to go beyond traditional supplements. Three capsules, taken just once a day, aim to provide all six of the critical factors your body needs for health, energy, vitality, and strength. Core 6 Essentials is perfect for anyone wanting a natural, whole-food alternative to synthetic, manufactured vitamins; adults of all ages; and children.


  • Digestive enzymes break down all food groups (carbohydrates, fats, protein and fiber)
  • Probiotics help maintain healthy intestinal flora to encourage proper digestion
  • Vitamins from whole foods can be absorbed by your body to give you nutrients the way nature intended
  • Minerals from whole foods help your body fully absorb and utilize all these nutrients
  • Antioxidants give broad spectrum protection from all types of free radical
  • Essential fatty acids are the critical good fats required by every cell and organ in your body
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