Complete Rehabilitation System

Company: Synergy Therapeutic Systems

Address: P.O. Box 952548 Lark Mary, Fl 32795

Phone: 800-639-3539

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Description: Complete Rehabilitation System from Synergy Therapeutic Systems helps save time, improve patient compliance, and allow doctors to show patients their progressive steps they expect to take on their path to recovery. Looking ahead and working with patients is now easy, fun, and more beneficial than ever before. Each system is loaded with products and educational support including easy-to-adjust, hand-welded chrome stations; the highest cushioned handled exercise cords; and the educational support to help propel patients through a challenging step-by-step rehab program. Synergy€™s Home Patient Kits are also available.


  • Turnkey clinical rehab program for Easy Implementation in an 6 x 8 space
  • Complete protocols for most common injuries
  • Quality exercise cords and cushion handles
  • Hand-welded and chrome wall stations with easy adustments
  • 6- to 8-week in office exercise protocols for in office use
  • Seamless home patient kits from office use to home use
  • Sold By: Synergy Therapeutic Systems
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