Coloinix Internal Cleansing Program

Company: DrNatura

Address: 200 N. Cobb PKWY Ste 434

Phone: 800-493-3878

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Description: Coloinix Internal Cleansing Program from DrNatura is marketed as the number one colon cleansing system for more than a decade. The Colonix program is formulated to gently but effectively cleanse the colon of toxic waste, detoxify the liver, and restore regularity while helping you gain more energy and a flatter stomach.


  • Intended to cleanses the colon with an all-natural fiber to remove toxic plaque and debris
  • Aims to detoxify heavy metals like lead and mercury, and other toxins from the body
  • Designed to replenish “good” bacteria
  • Helps maintain a healthy state and prevent future toxin build-up after your cleanse


Sold By: Drnatura
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