Cold & Virus Defense

Company: Botanical Wisdom

Address: 25541 Arctic Ocean Drive, Lake Forest CA 92630

Phone: 949-588-6388

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Description: Cold and Virus Defense from Botanical Wisdom is designed to help with the symptomatic relief of minor aches and pains, sneezing, sore throat, congestion, cough and nasal discharge resulting from the common cold and flu.


  • Bio-Enhanced Extraction (B.E.E.)
  • Echinacea purpurea herb: contains alkylamides/polyacetylenes, caffeic acid derivatives and polysacch
  • Lemon extract: lemons are the kings of citrus fruit and they contain various constituents
  • Vitamin C: helps to strengthen the immune system by boosting interferon and antibody levels
  • Vitamin E: an important antioxidant and immune booster
  • Coenzyme Q10: a powerful antioxidant that is necessary for cellular energy production


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