Chiropractic DVD’s

Company: Compass Marketing International

Address: 9727 – 1st Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98117

Phone: 1-800-430-0331

Web site:

Description: AT LAST! A powerful and effective patient education system that is digital and visual. Inspired by a Chiropractor to compete with the smart phones that patients watch while they wait to see the Doctor. Those few minutes while patients wait to see the Doctor are worth thousands of dollars in potential patient revenue. BUT that wait time is a missed opportunity if you do not provide a visual alternative to the phones your patients are looking at!


  • EASY! All you need is a TV and DVD player
  • No computer or software needed
  • Gorgeous graphics! Use in your office or at screenings
  • Each DVD plays for about 45 minutes and cover 8 topics about chiropractic care along with wellness a
  • Lowest price – $59 or less! NO contract and NO monthly fees! Buy what you want when you want!
  • At no extra cost, each DVD has a topic matching Wellness Express newsletter to print or email for pa
Sold By: Compass Marketing International