Chelorex Synergistic Oral Chelation Formula

Company: Science Formulas Inc.

Address: Suite 100 • 6800 Ft. Smallwood Rd. Baltimore, MD 21226

Phone: 540-740-8330

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Description: Science Formulas Inc’s Chelorex is an oral chelator that contains all-natural ingredients intended to enhance the body’s natural mechanisms for excreting 16 heavy metals and to protect against their reabsorption. It contains glutathione precursors and antioxidants aimed at protecting the liver, kidneys, central nervous system, and immune function. It has no synthetic chelation agents (EDTA, DMPS, or DMSA), and is available in a caplet and liquid form.


  • Shown to mobilze 16 heavy metals
  • Passes through the blood brain barrier
  • Protects against heavy metal reabsorption
  • Safe for use with dental amalgams in place
Sold By: Science Formulas
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