CerebroCore Memory Optimization Program

Company:          CerebroCore

Website:            www.cerebrocoreusa.com/doctor

Email:                  drguy@cerebrocoreusa.com

Phone:                843-338-1838

CerebroCore was founded by Dr. Guy Annunziata after witnessing the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s firsthand with his mother. Their mission is to provide a platform that will create a monthly recurring revenue stream for chiropractors while providing their patients with research based, easy to use wellness routines for brain health, memory, and cognition.  CerebroCore provides early detection which means early intervention. The program provides specific training and exercises enhanced with Gamma infused music to optimize memory, focus and cognition. Gamma Coherence Training has been proven to improve cognition, optimize memory, and enhance performance of day-to-day activities. Every 30 days the program re-assess so patients can see first-hand, the progress they are making.

The program includes the platform to register patients and monitor their progress, free mini cog assessment to screen patients and all marketing materials including posters, website, PowerPoints, videos, and free webinars for patients.

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