CBD Oil Salve (500mg)

Company: Current Naturals
Phone: (800) 739-1445
Web site: www.currentnaturals.com

Our CBD salve is an all-natural blend of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory beeswax, moisturizing coconut oil, and soothing CBD hemp extract. It’s perfect to apply to joints and skin after workouts, strenous activity, or to provide focused relief.

Our CBD Oil Salve (500 mg)is derived from high-quality hemp grown under organic farming practices in beautiful Colorado. Our oil is rich with phytocannabinoids and is derived from the whole plant, never from isolate.

Our hemp extract oil salve has been processed an extra time to remove THC. While it is impossible to completely remove THC from any full-plant CBD product, our salve contains so little THC it is non-detectable by scientific instruments. To ensure your trust and safety, a certificate of internal analysis is available online for every bottle, and we use third-party testing. What’s more, our CBD Oil salve is fully integrated from farm to shelf for traceability and product consistency.

Sold By: Current Naturals CBD Oils