Company: Foot Levelers

Address: 518 Pocahontas Ave., Roanoke, VA

Phone: (800) 553-4860


Description: Foot Levelers has introduced the Catamaran custom orthotic flip-flop for men. Featuring Foot Levelers 3 Arch Advantage, the Catamaran is specifically designed to support chiropractic patients from the ground up, eliminating damage done by ordinary flip-flops and improved health and performance. Available in two colors (teak and mahogany), the Catamaran features a leather top for durable comfort, a supportive foam mid-layer, and slip-resistant rubber bottom cover. The Catamaran strap consists of a leather top to withstand elements and repetitive movements and a suede leather bottom to provide ultimate comfort to the wearer.


  • Flip-flop with three-arch support
  • Two colors (teak and mahogany)
  • Custom orthotic flip-flop designed to each patients’ unique postural needs
  • Leather top cover, leather strap
Sold By: Foot Levelers
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