Carestream Vita CR with Image Suite Software

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Description: Carestream Vita CR with Image Suite Software provides a streamlined workflow and provides you with automated tools that can enhance the speed and simplicity of performing chiropractic measurements. This solution delivers multi-site image review along with image management capabilities and archival storage. Using this system helps deliver the increased flexibility offered by digital X-ray images, while eliminating a darkroom and chemicals required by radiographic film systems. In addition to cost savings, the space previously devoted to a darkroom can be used for other patient care activities.


  • Line extension tool: Measures the distance of a line connecting two points
  • Measure from vertical and horizontal tools: Provides an indication of how far two points are
  • Cervical curve and lumbar curve measurement tools: Provides a curved overlay
  • George’s line tool: Compares posterior margins between multiple vertebrae along the spinal column
  • Lippman-Cobb angle tool: Helps measure the curvature of the spine for patients with scoliosis
  • Goniometry tool: Measures angular alteration of the leg alignment


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