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Capsol-T® is the only patented, clinically tested, all-natural dietary supplement targeted toward abnormal early-stage cellular growth.* Capsol-T® was developed as an all-natural therapy to block ENOX-2 proteins. ENOX-2 proteins allow aberrant cells to hide as “self”, inhibiting the normal immune processes to clear the wayward cells.* Capsol-T® works to block ENOX-2 and allow natural apoptosis to commence in abnormal cells.* ENOX-2 proteins are not present on healthy normal cells.

In one clinical trial, 110 male and female subjects (age 40-84) were randomly selected for the study. At the beginning of the trial, forty percent (n=44) of the subjects tested positive for ENOX-2 proteins. Each subject took 350mg of Capsol-T® every four hours for a minimum of three months. At the completion of the trial, 103 subjects tested negative for ENOX-2 proteins.

For your patients, remember Capsol-T® as a natural addition to their standard of care regimen.*

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