Company: Foot Levelers

Address: PO Box 12611 Roanoke, VA 24012

Phone: 800-553-4860

Web site:

Description: CAOS Wave from Foot Levelers is no ordinary flip-flop. It€™s open-toed like a flip-flop, but the similarities end there. The CAOS Wave feels (and fits) more like your favorite athletic shoe, built for boating, walking, even hiking €“- basically the very flip-flops you€™d want if ever stranded on a desert island. It€™s intended for women looking for postural support in a trendy, comfortable sandal. Available in black, pink, denim and light blue, the CAOS Wave has adjustable Velcro straps to reduce the “flip-flop” effect, sidewall support for stabilization, and a low-profile toe guard for maximum foot protection.


  • Sidewall support for stabilization
  • Adjustable for better fit
  • Adjustable tabs reduce ‘flip-flop’ effect
  • Weatherproof leather for durability
  • Toe guard for maximum protection
  • Available in black, pink, denim, light blue


Sold By: Foot Levelers
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