C-DR 1417

Company: 20/20 Imaging

Address: 2217 US Highway 70 East, Garner, NC 27529

Phone: 866-734-6234

Web site: http://www.2020imaging.net/solutions/chiropractic.htm

Description: C-DR 1417 sensor from 20/20 Imaging is a digital imaging device designed to directly capture the image data and displays it on a monitor within 10 to 12 seconds. It is adaptable to most existing grid cabinets with its universal hang-on-adapter or by utilizing the optional Trans-Former grid cabinet. It features economic CCD technology and a flat panel detector, which requires less space. It also aims to eliminate darkroom film processing and associated costs (film, chemistry, film processor cleaning/maintenance, film storage).


  • Flat panel DR digital solution
  • Retrofit to any exisiting chiropractic X-ray system
  • Chiropractic specific analysis software
  • Image aqusition every 10 seconds
  • Complete setup – PACS, Disaster Recovery, Web-based, IPAD ready, EMR soon to be released
  • Maximum Throughput > 100 images processed per hour
  • Sold By: 20/20 Imaging
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