Blister-Free Forever

Company: ICA Health

Address: PO Box 26021 Tucson, AZ 85726

Phone: 888-237-3625

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Description: Blister-Free Forever from ICA Health combines a natural immune enhancer with L-lysine and homeopathic ingredients to deeply support and strengthen the biological processes that sustain immune capacity, even in stressful times.* Designed for daily, long-term use, this unique supplement helps the immune system consistently preserve healthy balance throughout the body and skin over time.*


  • 500 mg. of L-lysine per capsule
  • Homeopathic ingredients tellurium, natrum muraticum and nitricum acidicum
  • Immune enhancing lipoteichoic acids from killed lactobacillus bulgaricus*
  • Formulated by James L. Wilson, DC
  • Vegan


Sold By: Ica Health
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