Bennie Gets Adjusted; A Chiropractic Story

Company: Bennie the Backbone

Address: 157 Center Bridge Rd. Lancaster, MA 01523

Phone: 978-549-1941

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Description: Bennie Gets Adjusted; A Chiropractic Story from Bennie the Backbone is marketed as a simple and entertaining chiropractic story for children and parents in your office and your community. Bennie the Backbone is a bone in Jan’s spine. One day Jan trips and falls, shifting Bennie out of alignment, causing a subluxation. Jan needs to visit her chiropractor who can help Bennie back into alignment with a chiropractic adjustment. Join Bennie and Jan as they visit the chiropractor and learn what it means to have a healthy spine. Add to your reception room. Read and donate to schools, libraries, and local groups. Creatively illustrated and thoughtfully written. Activity books also available!


  • Marketed as the only subluxation based children’s chiropractic book
  • Correlating activity books available.
  • Children can connect to the book and parents can learn from it.
  • Each book has a page dedicated for the doctor’s office information when donating books
  • Naturally promotes the importance of chiropractic care for children.


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