Balance canvas set

Company: Clinic Artwork

Address: 821 West Spruce Street

Phone: 7155754119

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Description: “Balance” is a three-piece set from Clinic Artwork. It is about the body, mind, and soul all being connected, and how our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and relationships all play a part in our overall health. Since the spine holds our physical bodies together, a lateral view of the spine runs through the three-piece print. Each print stands alone as a piece of art, yet as a group they form something even more beautiful. Together, they spell balance, which is your ultimate goal. Images and quotes from the last 2,000 years that represent creation, humanity, and faith are present within this mural.


  • Beautiful
  • Quality print
  • Unique artwork
  • Fresh perspective
  • Modern feel
  • Effective educational tool
  • Sold By: Clinic Artwork
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