Ayala’s Herbal Water – Lemongrass Mint Vanilla

Company: Herbal Water Inc.

Address: Wynnewood, PA 19096

Phone: 610-668-4000

Web site: www.herbalwater.com

Description: Ayala’s Herbal Water – Lemongrass Mint Vanilla was founded in 2007 with a core principle that wellness and great taste can come from the same source — natural ingredients such as herbs. Sixteen-ounce Ayala’s Herbal Water uses artesian well water and is available in six USDA organic, original varieties.

Features: </strong

  • Marketed as containing no sugar, no calories, no preservatives
  • Purified via reverse osmosis and triple micron filtration
  • Pairs well with pecan pie, seafood pastas, coconut, Southeast Asian curries, Indian biryanis, and to
  • Made in the USA
Sold By: Herbal Water
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