Archy Orthotics for Men and Women

Company: Moszkito

Address: PO Box 2550, Scottsdale, AZ

Phone: 480-502-0017

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Description: Archy Orthotics for Men and Women from Moszkito is designed to fit into high heels (with heel counter), boots, and loafers. It comes in black and tan prima leather. These insoles are marketed as lightweight, supportive, and comfortable. Aiming to address shoe size, heel width, and arch height, the easy-to-fit footbeds come in both a Flex and Rigid model. With the addition of the Archy Orthotics, Moszkito now offers a prefabricated insole for all types of footwear. Moszkito’s fit system is said to allow approximately 80 percent of over-the-counter customers to get a custom fit.


  • Archy Orthotics are ideal for low-volume shoes
  • Types of footwear: boots, loafers, non-lacing shoes, high heels with heel counters, and more
  • Archy insoles are designed to improve the alignment of the feet and legs
  • The Orthotic Shell top-cover is encased in prima leather for comfort and style
  • The matching suede bottom- cover helps shock absorption and proper shoe fit
  • Available in rigid, flex, and semi-flex styles


Sold By: Moszkito
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