Company: Foot Levelers

Address: PO Box 12611

Phone: 800-553-4860

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Description: AquaGuard from Foot Levelers are Stabilizing Orthotics ideal for activities in and around water, high humidity work situations (such as firefighting), or excessive perspiration. The AquaGuards are highlighted by a SafetySole, which resists wetness and provides a thermal and static barrier. The AquaGuards feature a top layer made of Hydropel, a non-slip, sure-grip material designed to ensure proper footing and balance. They also are designed with a Zorbacel heel for shock absorption, and StanceGuard system for variable firmness and flexibility.


  • Non-slip, sure-grip top layer
  • Zorbacel heel pad for shock absorption
  • StanceGuard for firmness and flexibility
  • SafetySole for moisture resistance
  • Provides thermal and static barriers


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