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Description: AgmaSet from Gilad&Gilad is a nutraceutical said to be clinically proven for healthier nerve functions and for spinal-nerve structure/function benefits. AgmaSet contains the neuroprotective ingredient G-agmatine, a unique amino acid metabolite affording nerve resilience. AgmaSet is the outcome of breakthrough discoveries made and patented by the neuroscientist founders of Gilad&Gilad. By fortifying the daily intake of G-agmatine, AgmaSet aims to effectively afford healthier nerve functions, normal sensory functions, and nerve-dependent muscle strength, thus leading to a better quality of life. AgmaSet is manufactured according to the highest quality standards and regulations and is highly recommended by physicians.


  • Neuroprotective supplements for healthier nerve functions
  • Clinically proven solution for nerve resiliece and better quality of life
  • Safe-cinically proven safety
  • Based on a scientific discovery
  • Patented
  • Manufactured under the highest quality standards
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