Adrenal Fatigue Quartet Shelf Display

Company: ICA Health

Address: PO Box 26021 Tucson, AZ 85726

Phone: 888-237-3625

Web site:

Description: Adrenal Fatigue Quartet Display from ICA Health contains four sets of the Adrenal Fatigue Quartet: Adrenal C Formula (150 count), Adrenal Rebuilder (150 count), Herbal Adrenal Support Formula (2 ounce bottle), and Super Adrenal Stress Formula (150 count) in a compact unit designed to fit on a shelf or counter in clinics.


  • Same combination of products used to achieve outstanding results in clinics around the world*
  • Display includes header/flyer on adrenal fatigue
  • Explains benefits of using all four Adrenal Fatigue Quartet products together
  • 10¼ x 11¼ x 8½ inches
  • Big profits with small shelf space
Sold By: Ica Health