5th Avenue Collection

Company: Foot Levelers

Phone: 800-553-4860 

Website: FootLevelers.com

IT’S BACK!! Re-Introducing the Foot Levelers 5th Avenue Collection of Stabilizing Orthotics for Women. This collection is designed for a woman’s body, according to her needs, and then custom-made for her feet and her choice of shoes. Now your female patients can wear the shoes they want and be supported in proper alignment.

There are a variety of styles and lengths in the 5th Avenue Collection, so you can recommend the style that suits your female patient based on what type of shoes she wears. There are Stabilizers for athletic shoes, narrow dress shoes, heels up to 2 inches, and shoes with an open back.

Reimagined using new technology and cutting-edge materials, the 5th Avenue Collection provides all-day wear and fast break-in, leaving women energized – even at the end of the day!


Sold By: Foot Levelers