3 Arch Difference Tool Kit

Company: Foot Levelers

Address: 518 Pocahontas Ave. NE, Roanoke, VA

Phone: 800-553-4860

Web site: www.FootLevelers.com

Description: 3 Arch Difference Tool Kit from Foot Levelers explains Stabilizing Orthotics the way Foot Levelers’ founder, Dr. Monte Greenawalt, engineered them to support the whole body. As part of their 60th Anniversary celebration, Foot Levelers has released clinical tools to get “back to the basics.” You can discover the science behind Stabilizing Orthotics and the importance of supporting each patient’s plantar vault. The 3 Arch Difference Tool Kit aims to enable patients and doctors to learn more about the plantar vault and how necessary it is for movement, flexibility, and strength in the body. The tool kit includes:


  • Life in Balance DVD
  • 50 “What’s the difference” patient education brochures
  • Pronation index poster
  • 3 Arch Difference Reference Sheet
  • Enhanced Bio-Man Poster


Sold By: Foot Levelers
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